Our Story


RIP Tacos Berlin, 2009-2011


In 2008, we moved to Berlin with the dream of selling the kinds of tacos and burritos we'd been served in Mexico, as well as in the taquerías of S.F., Oakland, and L.A.

After months of sourcing ingredients such as fresh jalapeƱos, dried chilies, and masa harina for tortillas, we made our first outing. We loaded up two bike trailers, rode to Mauerpark, set up a grill, and sold carnitas tacos. We sold out in two hours. We were back at Mauerpark the next weekend. We sold out again.

Eventually, we purchased a VW Bulli that'd been converted into a bakery truck. We modified it to suit our taco-making needs and hit the road.

For two years, we operated Tacos Berlin out of that truck. We met lots of great people, parked in some crazy locations, and best of all, got to serve our food to a wide-range of customers, from expats to echt Berliners.

It was a crazy adventure, but we soon realized that Berlin - as great as it is - wasn't the place for us. We sold the truck, packed our bags, and said goodbye.

Thus ends the story of Tacos Berlin. It's a story we're proud to have been a part of.

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